Slower Startup,Prettier Product

Happy New Year! I hope that 2015 treats you well and that you attain at least one of your goals.. Your dreams, really.

Getting this website “ready for primetime” has been a little more involving than I’d thought, but I refuse to rush. Rushing results in mediocre-to-lousy output, so I’m hurrying just a little but taking the time to “do it right”.

For the past several weeks my artwork has concentrated on obscure and/or remote islands, all being treated quite differently. Kerguelen and Ile St. Paul lie in the southern Indian Ocean and are focused on, in a somewhat abstract way for Kerguelen, and a more static, almost portrait-like way for St. Paul. Alternately, all of the islands in the Mozambique Channel are barely more than dots against the coastlines of sun-baked Madagascar and Africa itself.

Also of late are my “portraits” of the four “Sky Lakes” atop the Shawangunk Ridge.

Alll the best for 2015!