Angel Island – evolution of a San Francisco Bay painting

A relative in the Bay Area recently told me about a two-year waiting list to camp on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay. Having never heard of the place, I did some quick research and decided that its shape and proportions are quite artful.


My initial colored-pencil-on-paper idea

Angel Island concept





Angel Island study 1an acrylic-on-paper concept,

and with the help of a little digital manipulation, a genuine “study” for a multi-panel acrylic piece.

Angel Island study 2

After a mask was cut I painted the land, and after that layer had dried I removed the mask and proceeded…

Bright, “bouncy” colors seemed to be in order to convey a bit of the San Francisco spirit, but some very somber greens seemed necessary for a hint of pre-human ground-cover. By maintaining a few consistencies through the work, but maintaining some rotational symmetry as well (and contrasting swoopy and chiseled shapes )…

Angel Island onehalf   I managed

   to put both

   color schemes



The final touch was framing. All four of the 12″x12″ canvasses were put into 1.5″-deep “floater frames”.

The result is an intriguing, high-energy piece that manages to be relaxing and a bit contemplative at the same time.

Angel Island four-panel painting cropsmall

Not bad if I do say so myself.

It’s for sale, of course:



I’ll be displaying my work during the months of June, July, and August here in town at the


as part of the 2015 Cedar City Art Walk, and doing live demonstrations there between 5 and 8 PM on the final Friday of each month!

Come join me! See you there !