MAUI – An island within a flower

I’ve been dancing around doing paintings of any Hawaiian islands for a while now. As a former resident, I just respect them too much to give them anything but quality treatment: The spirit of the islands can only be expressed without force. They are absolutely sizzling with energy yet soothing and mellow at the same time. Maybe mana came to me and gently tapped me on the shoulder, I don’t know, but I think and feel that I got this one right.

The original sketch took me a couple of hours to draw, and I knew right then that the composition was right.

Maui painting phase 1


First I made a mask for an 18″x18″ canvas…






… and stenciled it in…process 2 process 3


… and


the edges

of the flower…

process 4 process 5

… filled that in and defined         some more…

process 6Then detailed Maui itself.

process 7

 A little greenery behind the blossom,

outlined in a defining green,

seemed to balance the intense orange…

… and it matched the sketch pretty well!

process 8

Adding a central ring gave it solidity and cohesion, completing the piece and making it a tad contemplative.


Maui Flower Unfolds one third

As usual, the original acrylic-on-canvas

(18″x18″, 1.5″ deep “gallery wrap” – no outside frame)

is available at

for  $275

(plus $60 for packing and shipping)

and prints are at

(AND COFFEE MUGS TOO! Just right for your Maui-grown java!)