A Studio Fantasy

While I’m not complaining, I do mildly yearn: My current studio is almost pathetically small, a slightly organized storage room with just enough space for me to work – And even then, only standing up, and even then it’s kind of like a game of Tetris. There’s only one small window, and I owe sincere thanks to whoever invented the LED light bulb, with power demands so low that I can use several at once.  (Extension cords are a godsend too.)

So I’ve put a little thought into what my ideal idea of a painting studio is. Some of my “requirements” are obvious, while a couple are simply “all me”:


– good ventilation

– lots of room, for myself and for my stuff

– running water – LOTS of it!

– a bathroom

– a built-in “mini-gallery”

– more electrical outlets than I’ll ever use

Having worked in various spaces in the past, the one that really stood out was my friend’s workshop-slash-storage-barn. That was quite cluttered, but with just a bit of straightening became quite comfortable to work in, so I used that as my conceptual starting point. After only a few iterations of sketches I more-or-less finalized my concept.

artist's painting studio concept

It would seem to have everything I want: Lots of windows, and several skylights, including greenhouse-style openable ones along the eve, let the daylight flood in, and allow for all sorts of ventilation variations, too; A restaurant-kitchen-style stainless steel counter and sink would be located adjacent to the big multi-use workbench (with shelving beneath both); A big open area would allow for any spacial work requirements (and a straight shot from the big double-door to the other end of the building), and; A fourth of the building would be dedicated to hanging my work, more for proper storage than display… I dare not refer to the space as a “gallery”!

Additionally, a bathroom and a big ol’ “slop sink”, and enough room for a microwave and a lounge chair would make it almost habitable. Even a shower in the bathroom is part of the fantasy!

IMG_0006Okay, so both the “drafting” and the perspective are a little off. I left my CADD program in my…

Well, I just don’t have one, so you’re stuck with these… I think they convey the general idea.IMG_0004

(Note the flower pot atop the bathroom roof – Cute touch, eh?)

Speaking of the general idea…

Maybe I should contact “The General”, as General Steel Buildings refers to themselves in their advertisements, and see if this “design” is even possible, and just how much of the money I don’t have it’ll cost. Hey, maybe I’ll try  crowdsourcing . All donations are gladly accepted!