Boy oh boy! Lotsa STUFF in September!

A fourfold of niceties has befallen me this month:

First, my art is on display at The Grind coffehouse in Cedar City, UT, during the entire month of September.

Joey Favino jfwoa The Grind coffeehouse Cedar City Utah art painting display wall exhibition

It’s my first one-person show and I’m so excited by having the opportunity to show my work to tourists from around the world! (Between Cedar City’s world-famous Shakespeare Festival and its proximity to several truly awesome National Parks, the extended summer season here is full of people from all over.) Come on in for great scenery – inside and out – and great coffe and refreshments!


These next three are all interrelated:

– Some of my work is now available through FLOOTIE.COM, a wonderful online resource for artists, based in Spokane, Washington.

– A blogger of note, Marie Kazalia, who is associated with Flootie, has written a very nice blog about me and my art.

-Read the blog-

It’s quite flattering and insightful.

– Finally…

My latest piece, “Newman Lake”, was inspired by the fact that Flootie is based in Spokane. The lake is located just outside that city, and its whimsical shoreline seemed to demand “my treatment”.

Newman Lake a With a vague sketch as a guide, I began by just painting the water.

Newman Lake bSome emphasizing of the interior space,

along with some defining of the outside edges,

and it was starting to look a little organic.

Some nearly-white striping, reminiscent of leaves or flower petals, solidified the “floral” approach.

With the finishing touches of contrasting orange “stems” and “buds”, and slightly iridescent border, which gives the image a somewhat “sephia” look, another “quazimap” was born!

Newman Lake - done

“Newman Lake”  24″x24″

Until next month…

Keep your colors bright and your pallette full!

– Joey Favino