Joey’s Work To Be Featured At  ROCK AND SNOW  !

An opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago, and I’m just tickled:
Beginning in late October, my artwork featuring the THE GUNKS
the Shawangunk Mountains, upstate New York) will be on display at
in New Paltz, NY.   Wow!

If you’re not a climber you might not know of The Gunks.
They’re not the biggest cliffs in the world, but they’re frequently referred to as the best.
The unique and particularly tactile rock (stratified rthoquartzite conglomerate, to be specific)
draws eager climbers of all skill levels, literally from around the globe.
If you’re a “gunkster”, you know that Rock And Snow is THE gear and apparel store there,
in business since 1970… In the climbing community, it’s the little store with the big reputation.
A quite-well-deserved reputation.

If you’re in the area don’t be afraid to drop in, even if you don’t climb. The good folks there
can tell you all about what’s happening and what to see in the groovy little village of New Paltz,
as well as all around the central Hudson Valley and the Catskills.
(Here’s your chance to see my work on the East Coast, too!)

They’re all on this site in the  SHAWANGUNKS  gallery!


Shawangunk Lake Painting Minnewaska Awosting Mohonk Gunks New York Hudson Valley Ulster County summer rocks Joey Favino jfwoaFavino Shawangunks gunks Trapps morning twilight cliffs autumn fall foliage sunrise Hudson Valley New York Joey Favino acrylic painting jfwoa

"Peek-A-Boo (Worth The Approach)"

“Peek-A-Boo (Worth The Approach)”

Skylakes II (alt. view)

Skylakes II



In the past month I’ve completed some more “quasimaps”. A little more information about each one can be found by clicking on each image.

Favino agua hedionda lagoon carlsbad california acrylic map psychadelic art Joey Fvino jfwoa Agua Hedionda Lagoon, Carlsbad California


Favino Malay Peninsula Malaysia Thailand Burma Myanmar map art painting acrylic Indian Ocean Joey Favino  jfwoa

Malay Peninsula

Favino Loon Lakes painting Washington New York acrylic map art northwest adirindaks Joey Favino jfwoa Loon Lakes


That’s about it ’till next month. Hey, maybe there’ll be climbable ice in November…

Until then,



Just a thought – What If They’re Bluffing?

Another one of Joey’s silly little political stray thoughts:

I doubt that it’s the case, but what if, down the road, it is discovered that Iran never did have A-bombs under development? What if they made it look as though that’s what they were doing, but were only doing so to frenzy the rest of the world, particularly the U.S.A., for the sake of making them all eat crow years down the line (and expend a lot of time and energy right now)?

It’s a strategy that’s so risky as to be almost impossible, butIran is historically known as an counter-intuitive strategist. Again, I doubt it, but still…