The Power of The Drip

A little drop of water isn’t much. Add a touch of something, though, and it becomes a tool like nothing else:

Add a little gravity, and as long as time is not a big constraint, if the drop of the drip is long enough, it’ll generate enough force to rinse your plate or your hands or your paintbrush quite well. That’s also the way to use the absolutely smallest amount of water to get the job done (although it takes a VERY long time to do so drop-by-drop).

Add a little bit of paint, and something else happens… The “coffee-stain technique” ! Just like a drop of coffee, the non-water component of the splatter migrates towards the edge… Over time.

drip 1 drip2

By leaving a drip circular, a globular efect is created. By letting the drip get “half dry” and adding some fresh color or water towards one side, an irregular blob is created, never quite symmetrical, giving a sense of motion to the shape. By letting all that dry and then adding more drops, again and again, an effervescent effect can be achieved.

Molokai Hawaii map art painting jfwoa

When the touch of added pigment is white… Snowflakes! (And by varying the exact tipe and amount of white pigment, as well as drop size, a strangely realistic gust or blizzard or light flurry is the result.)

Joey Favino Shawangunk acrylic painting original snow winter rock cliffs New York Mohonk Minnewaska jfwoa


All from a little drop… DRIP !