Just a mini-blog…

I dropped the ball this month and forgot to post anything at all! Now that it’s way past my bedtime and the JFWOA Newsletter gets sent out in an hour, I’ll just give a very brief update. (The “real skinny” will be provided over the next couple of weeks.)

Various issues and circumstances have kept me from doing much painting this past month, hence no illustrations or photographs in this newsletter. Suffice to say that the very pale background of my current work was pounced upon by a cat, so I painted a very sparse and stark piece over it to incorporate and conceal the ripples and near-folds caused by the feline. It’s certainly not my best work, but fellow alpinists will appreciate “Camp VI”. Meanwhile, the intended composition is coming along, very slowly and “organically” or “osmotically”: Inspiration cannot be rushed or forced (although it can be “nudged”, but that’s for another blog or newsletter).

Untill next time, all I can say is “keep checking my site”, www.jfwoa.com – Joey Favino’s WORLD Of Art