My Process – Finally

Autumn is finally here in the Northern Hemisphere. (Well, actually, as I write this, we have a week of  yet, but you get the point…) Also “finally here” is some documentation of my process, in the form of a stop-motion animated video.

There’s no “coffee-stain drip” involved here, just brushwork. In case it’s too fast (though I think you can pause it at any point), let me describe briefly: After choosing a subject and making a few preliminary sketches or studies, I make a paper mask and use it only to define a few very specific lines or areas thatare critical to be “just so”.  In this case, the subject is the Cape of Good Hope and surrounds atthe southern tip of Africa. Once the defining paint is somewhat dry, the “true” artwork begins

For the ocean I useff18908917091898e291a1190a227a4fd nearly-standard “bathymetric” (sea depth) colors. The shapes there don’t represent any real depth data, they simply lead the eye towards the Cape of Good Hope itself and give moton to their space on the canvas. For the land I brushed color into shapes much less swoopy and which hint atthe semi-desert near The Cape.

I chose colors inspired by the beautiful King Protea flower, which grows in the wild only in that area, unique in all

the world.


I’ll make another video soon of the creation of another painting, but without so much of my sloppy studio visible!