Slow October… Kinda

This past month has been somewhat unproductive for me, from an art-output point of view.

With a housemate being injured and requiring knee-replacement surgery, I’ve been the only one capable of doing yardwork, going downstairs to do laundry, etc… And cleaning out the storage room across the hall from the bathroom so that the post-surgical person can hobble to the john took a lot of time (and resulted in a major overwhelm of that laundry).

So, sad to say, I’ve done no painting due to immediate concerns. Sorry. No excuse, just life.

What I have been doing, artistically speaking, ┬áis coming up with ideas and making sketches and studies. In fact, I already have one mask traced out and ready to cut into shape, a project I’ve had to do in myriad snippets of available time.

I guess it’s good to take a little time out from production and get a little inspiration. I’ll be working on a flood of paintings soon.