Post-election Blues – It’s Not What You Think

Here in the U.S.A. the four-year cycle has come to an end, and the name-calling of the past few months is finally over. Aah the relief… But a day before the election, a serious family tragedy struck, making the whole political event seem trivial, or at least anti-climactic, so my “creative time” would seem to be somewhat stifled for at least a few more weeks. I’ve heard it said that “life is a series of interruptions interrupted by interruptions”. Boy does that seem accurate right now.

Latter October and early November were not wasted by me, though.

map art, acrylic painting, pacific coast, seattle, vancouver, washington, british columbia, oregon, puget sound “Sans Vancouver”

is the result of lots and lots of sketching and geometric preparation. Most of the creation process is documented in this stop-motion video:

It’s a little jumpy and quite fuzzy, but it gets the point across…  You certainly get the idea

Following the making of the video, I added a detail that makes a big impact: The canvas that I used is meant to be displayed without a frame, “gallery wrap”. But I decided to frame it, using a “floater frame” designed for thin canvasses. The result is a nearly sculptural effect and is quite striking. map art, jfwoa, joey favino, Seattle, washington, oregon, british columbia, north america, coast, pacific northwest, acrylic painting

For everyone in the United States, I wish you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

For everyone in the Southern Hemisphere, ENJOY YOUR SPRING!

For everyone, period, ENJOY YOUR LIFE! (As a rule, you only get one chance at it.)