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“Haida Guai (The Queen Charlotte Islands)”

Just off the west coast of Canada lies this archipelago. A few years ago the governments of Canada and British Columbia officially started referring to “The Queen Charlotte Islands” by their native name, “Haida Guai”.

Haida Guai, Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada pacific Ocean

Simplicity meets complexity here. The distinctive shape of the island cluster, together with its complex shoreline, led me to paint Haida Guai in a style somewhat unusual for me: While simple in composition, the brushwork and color choices are about as busy as can be. Even the landmass itself is filled with strings and patches of interference paint doped with varying amounts of various pigments.

Haida Guai Queen Charlotte Islands Canada British Columbia Pacific Ocean

The piece itself is 12″x24″, 1.5″-deep “gallery wrap”.

(Though I am toying with the idea of putting it in a “floater frame” meant for thinner pieces, to achieve an almost-sculptural effect similar to “Sans Vancouver”.)

Kamchatka Chukotka Siberia map art painting jfwoa

So completes my initial reconnaissance of our planet. Somewhat pragmatically, in 2014 I painted the Bering Strait and Kamchatka Peninsula, and have made parts of every ocean and every continent the subjects of my paintings. Now I’ve come full-circle and still have lots of blanks to fill-in.Thanks for letting “my world” be part of YOUR world.
I wish you the happiest and safest of holidays!