Just your Standard Quickie In-A-Rush Post

This morning I was woken by a telephone call. My brother told me that he’d forgotten to tell me… Two weeks ago he switched my flight, so in stead of having a couple of days to take care of things, including this post, I’ve been scrambling to do it all TODAY, hence the brevity .

This past few weeks I’ve been working on a “top secret” project and will write about it in the future.

This time around, though, I’ll explain a piece I painted way back in May:       

A friend of mine is a reverend based in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). When a wildfire burned the entire town of Fort McMurray to ashes, he stepped up to the plate and provided temporary housing, food, and services to all the refugees. That inspired me to make a composition of an Albertan lake, just outside Edmonton. Much of Canada has been somehow problematic to me in the past, so it’s really my first foray into anything but a few islands there. I don’t know if these hastily-shot photos really get across the very changing colors of the piece, and I won’t go into explaining any symbology except to say that the bold red cross central to the composition is a reference to the Cross of St. George, so prominent on Alberta’s provincial flag


“Chip Lake Butterfly”  –  Four 8″x8″ canvasses, 1.5″-deep “gallery wrap”