The Great Basin! (I do so wish you were here with me.)

Spring comes early here in Cedar City, Utah, and summer lasts six months. Between the local geography and the local climate, there’s no better place for outdoor exploration… And artistic inspiration…

Lund, UT, is a “ghost town” (consisting of two abandoned railroad-worker houses, the shell of an old cafe’, and a rancher’s cabin with a mean dog outside) about thirty miles west of here.

Don’t let the map fool you: The sole road leading there is NOT paved, though it is well-graded.

Lund Utah Union Pacific Railroad locomotives trains cliffs sagebrush Great Basin yellow blue

Pretty-as-a-picture, in a barren kind of way, all that’s left of the little town is is the extra railroad siding for storing excess locomotives. Avery brief summary of Lund, past and present, can be found HERE.

The triple-ridge framed by the parked trains and telephone poles is where my interest lies, though: I’ve explored the “front step” thoroughly in the past (clean cliffs for climbing) but not gone much beyond that. I recently took advantage of my proximity and the sunshine, and decided to hike and scramble to the very top, about 1500′ up.

The view from there is impressive. It struck me, though, when stumbling over snake-den openings, that while the legless critters are beyond ubiquitous here, I’ve never seen one as the subject of local imagery, or even featured in a painting of the area in any way! So my mind came up with a rough image, and when I got home I painted a quick study for a bigger and more refined piece. The bigger piece will have to wait, though, as I’m working on another project and life seems to be getting crazier.

“Just enough Sun (Snake In The Parowan Valley In March)”

Forever Mighty Swell,

 Р Joey