Consider this YOUR INVITATION to my world

Come see my art – It’s on display!

I’m very proud to be a participant in this year’s Cedar City Art Walk.

The 2017 Art Walk has been extended through September, so much of my art will be on display for four months straight (June through September, plus a couple weeks prior) at Stone Path Massage & Energy Center here in Cedar City. I’ll be giving a demonstration of my painting method there on the final Friday of each month (June 30, July 28, August 25, and September 25).

The 2017 Cedar City Art Walk coincides with the annual Utah Shakespeare Festival, and Stone Path is located on Center Street (University Blvd.) directly across the street from Randall Theater, a superb, slightly bigger, reconstruction of The Globe Theater. In other words, each is “conveniently located” near the other. Incedentally, Stone Path is midway between S.U.M.A. (Southern Utah Art Museum, at Southern Utah University, and the Artisan’s Gallery, both hubs of activity on Final Fridays – A prominent location!

So come to the most scenic area in the U.S.A. – The arts are all around you in town, enjoy world-class and world-renowned performances of classic Shakespeare plays, visit any of the five National Parks just a day-trip from here, and stop in to Stone Path Massage & Energy Center to see my paintings on display!










Two very different islands with the same name…

“Necker” is the name shared by two islands half a world away, one in Hawaii’s “leeward islands”, the other in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

I’d been sketching ideas for a painting of the Hawaiian island, then stumbled across its namesake, and slowly arrived at a good way to show both. I’d begun painting when I found out that the Caribbean “Necker” is actually Sir Richard Branson’s own private island!
The two islands are shown here at the same scale, repeated nine times. The use of plenty of “interference paint” and heavy brush-strokes on the islands results in very different coloration as lighting and viewing angles shift.
From a distance, the composition hints at a seaside flower, while closer viewing has it resemble some sort of ocean-dwelling invertibrate. Only upon close scrutiny do the contrasts between sandy and rocky landforms and ever-changing sea currents present themselves.







Yet another California island is in the works…

California’s “Channel Islands” are still on my mind, and I decided to challenge myself by making a composition from the shape of Anacapa Island, part of the National Park. It is one of the more oddly-shaped islands I’ve ever tried to portray, and after toying with the idea of making a “nautilus” design    I decided to just make some photocopies of the island’s outline and play around with them. So far, so good, I guess…


The other-worldliness of The Great Basin

Last weekend I went up to Sevier Lake (pronounced “severe”) to snap some photos of Crystal Peak with Wheeler Peak right behind it. Crystal Peak is a knob of quartz sandstone about thirty miles west of Severe Lake. For just a minute or two after sunrise it glows bright pink, really bizarre. Wheeler peak is more than eighty miles away and is a 13000′, perennially snowcapped monster (home of Nevada’s only glacier, too). My first morning caught the colors, but my perspective was a little off, with all but the very craggy tip of Wheeler Peak obscured by a hill in The Confusion Range. The next morning I hiked to the proper viewpoint, but the morning was overcast and colorless! Oh well, there’s always next time: I live here so I can go there again.