Triumph and Tragedy in beautiful Southwestern Utah – The Artist’s Take

COME SEE ME PAINT LIVE! I’ll be doing a demo on Friday, 28 July, in front of the Stone Path Massage and Energy Center, downtown Cedar City, Utah.


What can I say ‘cept “it’s been a bad month”?

A physical injury, followed by a death in the family, followed by a car crash (I’m OK but the car is now scrap metal) put a partial damper on my artistic endeavors this past month, although by no means stopped them.

Anacapa Island – Surf’s Up !
Before tragedy struck, I’d bought some new paints and canvasses. With my upcoming demonstrations in mind, I decided to stop in mid-progress and will finish this/these “on the sidewalk” as it were: I’ll have only three hours to paint for the public, so finishing something already in progress would seem to be proper approach. These are the two halves of one piece, “Anacapa Island”, the least-visited of California‘s “Channel Islands”. (I featured sketches in my previous newsletter.) I think that wave crests and ocean currents will complete the work. Feel free to watch me work on Friday,28 July , from 5PM to 8PM in front of the Stone Path Massage and Energy Center on Center Street here in Cedar City.





The “Brian Head Fire”
While the village of Brian Head itself was , thankfully, spared, the biggest biggest wildfire in America raged for about three weeks straight, only twenty miles from here. As of mid-July some remnants are still burning. The scale of the smoke plume was hard to capture in a picture, but this photo, which I took on 23 June, does a fair job. (I think that it looks like a small atomic bomb was dropped there!) While the subject of the photo is tragic in nature, the image is pretty stunning.


Baja – Rainbow Peninsula
During my sidewalk demo in June I started this two-panel piece. During the allotted time I was able to make an eye-catching composition, but TOO eye-catching! Over the past couple of weeks I managed to both calm it down and evolve it into a true composition. The only analysis I’ll give is that while the poster-like colors give it a very “pop” initial feel, there are enough subtleties integrated into it that it’s worthy of display. (And, of course, it’s not a reference tool, so the two panels can be arranged for any aesthetic.)



Crystal & Wheeler Peaks
Also before things went sour for me, I trekked up to the shore of Sevier Lake again. I’m still chasing that “photo-op” of Crystal Peak at sunrise, glowing bright pink, with Wheeler Peak directly behind it. This time around I got the perspective just right, but while not genuinely overcast, the colors were not nearly as bright as they could have been. I guess I’ll just try again.


Again, my paintings are on display at the Stone Path Massage and Energy Center, and will be through the end of September, so if you’re in town (possibly for the Shakespear Festival or on your way to Bryce Canyon or Zion National Parks), stop in and take a look. I’ll be giving a demo outside on the final Friday of June, July, August, and September there, too, painting and signing prints, as part of the 2017 Cedar City Art Walk.

Stop on by – I’d LOVE to see you!