More LIVE PAINTING! More islands, a lake, and a little fond farewell.

I’ll be doing another live demo on Friday, September 29, in front of the Stone Path Massage and Energy Center here in downtown Cedar City.

It’s the last “Final Friday” of this year’s Cedar City Art Walk, so don’t miss it! As I’ve written before, summer here in Cedar City, Utah, is about six months long, so a nice evening in the upper seventies is in order, but in late September the wind picks up, especially around sunset, so I might have to move from the sidewalk to the porch, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Many of my paintings are still on display inside Stone Path, so feel free to come on in and browse and have some wonderful free refreshments too! 






A Picture-Perfect Province

The Gulf of Saint Lawrence is home to both its smallest province, Prince Edward Island, a.k.a. “P.E.I.” (in its entirety), and its biggest, Quebec (or at least some of its shoreline and a few islands). While not a terribly picturesque shape by itself, P.E.I.  when paired with with the nearby Quebecois “Ile Madeleine”, makes a very dramatic and organic form of implied-line beyond its shores, and a little geometric repetition makes an intriguing shape.




An unrushed, organic growth of color was only proper for the organic shape, and over the course of a few days the composition took on a life of its own, happily disconnected from any sort of ridged deliberateness.

This (poorly-lit, sorry) photo of the finished piece was taken wile the paint was still drying. 24″x24″ on 1.5″-deep “gallery wrap” canvas.

(It’s destined for a black “floater frame”)


A Local Lake

Miraculously spared by the huge “Brian Head Fire” of June, Panguich Lake and its unusual shoreline inlet area, deserves a little graphic adoration.

In contrast to all my previous work, I decided to use a linen canvas and to use the shapes of Art Deco as my theme, while arranging them using my 21st-century style.


First, a double-mirroring if the lake shore itself was made.
















Then some vine-like structure was added.




Finally, some leaf-ish shapes and swoopy border decoration was added.

















A friend tells me that it looks like Nineteenth-century wallpaper. Well, that’s not exactly what I was trying to achieve, but it’s really not very far from it! The “down-to-earth” effect,plus a combination of both axial and rotational symmetries is clear, and THAT is what I was trying to convey. 18″x24″ on linen canvas.


A Little Fond Farewell

A casual friend of mine had to move suddenly. Her husband accepted a position in a city on the other side of the country. The thing is, she’s from the other side of the world, Japan to be precise. Actually, her hometown is a village on the northern end of the island of Honshu, and she is quite familiar with the island of Hokkaido. While I’ll list the painting as “sold”, I gifted her “Hokkaido Camilia”, which she had seen on and actually told some of her friends about. She thanked me in Japanese. I’m going to miss you, Kaz!

Hokkaido Honshu Japan painting map acrylic Nippon flag rising sun camilla seven shichi Tsugaru Kaikyo jfwoa Joey Favino


DON’T MISS MY LAST LIVE PAINTING DEMONSTRATION OF THE YEAR  —  The weather here is still great so come on and enjoy the unique wealth of beauty that is southwest Utah! I’d love to chat and give some insider travel tips!