Hoping That Your November Is An Artful One !

For the past month my “linear” painting method, i.e. coming up with an idea and following through with it until I’m finished, has given way to “starting up and mopping up”: I’ve generally been finishing pieces begun long ago or coming up with new ideas and just getting them sketched on paper before another new idea pops up. But then, inspiration cannot be forced or doled out in a regular fashion, so an artist must take advantage of “high yield” times to compensate for the inevitable “dry spells”. This results in a far better end-product as well.

The two-panel painting of Anacapa Island, which I’d started a couple of months ago, was finally completed a few weeks back, and is shown here flanked by two of my older pieces, “Mozambique Channel” and “Au Au”.


Last month I began a painting at the Southern Utah University S.T.E.A.M.fest simply entitled “Idaho”, and finally finished it a couple of weeks ago. 

An idea for a follow-up piece entered my head and what began as a doodle on graph paper is well on its way to becoming a big painting. (Just how big, I don’t know, but big.)


Finally, I have been commissioned, by the same gentleman who purchased the little painting of Louisiana that I painted at the S.T.E.A.M.fest, to paint a BIG piece of some detail of the Gulf Coast, and to make it quite psychedelic.

Well, just south of the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana, is a bayou/lake/lagoon which, when repeated many times over, is inherently “groovy”. The color scheme is not entirely set yet, as are a few minor aspects of the general layout, but you can see the general evolution of the piece –


















And, as seems to be normal now… Crystal Peak and Wheeler Peak from Sevier Lake again… One of these days I’ll get it jjjuuusssttt right, and you can see that I’m getting closer.


I also began to dabble into pure abstraction earlier this month, with the result looking somewhat like the surface of Pluto, but that’s for another post.


For folks in the United States, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

For those folks in the Southern Hemisphere, ain’t late spring just great?

And may you, personally, stay safe and happy!