Joey Favino

ARTIST STATEMENT   –   About My Work


My art is all about geography.

Viewed from the ground or viewed from the air, nature’s shapes both soothe and excite, and can be cartoonish or contemplative. Such shapes and forms jump out at me, and I try to portray them in a much more aesthetic and human way than most maps, aerial photography, or satelite imagery… I call them “Quasimaps”

A cartographer by education, I often incorporate subtle “proper” mapping technique into the creation of my compositions, including stripping any data from geographic forms so that their shapes can be appreceated as art. Drafting and geometry are usually integral to my creation process. I avoid trying to put deep meaning or messages into my art: I just try to fill a space in a beautiful way.

Acrylic paint-on-canvas is my chosen medium, although I dabble in photography as well. My own mental imagery results in my only strictly representational works, scenes of the Shawangunk cliffs (“The Gunks”) where I learned to climb and have explored extensively most of my life, and an occasional Great Basin or Alpine scene.

It’s all about geography.

Joey Favino’s World Of Art



BIO  (brief)


Cartographer, artist, alpinist, and master of semicoherence, Joey Favino’s personality shines through his odd take on painting.

Having lived places as varied as Idaho, Maui, and the Hudson Highlands (with easy access to The Gunks), and having stayed with friends as far away as Kazakhstan and The Cape of Good Hope, he now thrives in Cedar City, Utah, U.S.A.

The forty-something-year-old sums it up succinctly: “Geography is destiny”.!selfIMG_0015onethird