My mind and my interests, like my art, are “all over the place”.

My past, present, and future are all represented here. The charities I’ve linked to nearly all involve providing access to potable water, a big chunk of my work history being involved with groundwater wells and delivery systems. My education is in cartography, so I’ve linked to some good resources for all you map addicts out there. Art newsletters and links to a few other artists’ sites are here, too.  And, just for kicks, a couple of my former employers and my old alma mater are linked to, too, and a couple of “just for fun” sites.

C E D A R   C I T Y   S T U F F

CEDAR CITY ARTS COUNCIL – This is your best source for information about what’s happening with the arts in this artfull little town.

UTAH SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL – Here’s the inside skinny on USF. Lots of people from all over thr world flock to Cedar City from June through October to see performances at the Bard Theater,one of the most authentic reproductions of the Globe on the planet.

THE GARTH AND JERRI FREHNER MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY – This is the small but spectacular museum where my paintings are on display for the 2015 Cedar City Art Walk, June through August. It features an amazing assortment of fossils and gems unique to this area (southwest Utah).

Gallery Gala – Gallery GALA’s primary focus is contemporary abstract and nonrepresentational art. 63 West Center Street Cedar City, UT 84720

Saint George Spectrum – Covering all of southwest Utah, this is our regional newspaper.

Iron County Today – This is our local newspaper, focusing more on local events up here in Iron County.

Cedar Breaks National Monument – In this area of truly spectacular and bizarre scenery,at only thirteen miles from Cedar City (as the crow flies… 20 miles by road!), this is quickly and easily accessed by car… No hiking or climbing required…  Here it is, take it.


CLEAN WATER FOR HAITI – The name says it all. This is about as targeted a water charity there is. Operated by ministries and local populations, their focus is on providing uniquely simple, locally-made, high-capacity household filters for water from ANY source. (Neat stuff, really:

MIYA  –  This organization focuses on recapturing / retaining lost from existing, antiquated municipal extraction and distributions systems. A lot of their work is done right off American shores in the Bahamas.

WATER.ORG –  With a decidedly free-market bent, works with local people and firm,s who know their local conditions, drilling wells, building water treatment and distribution infrastructure, and promoting community involvement in those projects and local regulation and testing. They work throughout south Asia and subsaharan Africa, as well as Haiti, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru.

WATERLINES – Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Waterlines assists churches and missions in the U.S.A., Mexico, Panama, and many developing countries with construction of water collection and distribution systems, as well as sanitation systems and hygiene education.



The National Map – This is actually  USGS site, with several sub-sites

BUT…  This subpage is invaluable:     because they haven’t printed 7.5 minute topo quadrangles in years, so here’s your chance to print up your own.

DAVID RUMSEY’S HISTORICAL MAP COLLECTION  – This is one of the better private collections I’ve found online.

CARLOS A. FURUTI’S MAP PROJECTION LIST – This is about as thorough a list and explanation of a zillion different map projections as can be. All the different ways of fitting a spherical surface onto a flat page are fascinating!

FLEXPROJECTOR – This is a fun little program allowing the user to interactively play around with several different “pseudocylindrical” projections and even blend those!



BHAVAL SHAH BELL  – Slightly reminiscent of the work I was doing years ago, Ms. Bell’s work is, by contrast, clean, simple, bold, and vibrant. Truly, the map as fine art.

JOHN DU BOSE – John is an old high school chum. His art, even his approach to art, is far different than mine, maybe some sort of counterpoint.

HYPERALEGIC – This is an online art news magazine. It’s a good one and it’s FREE!

ARTDAILY – This is more like an online art newspaper. Again, it’s good and it’s FREE!

THE GEORGIA O’KEEFFE MUSEUM – If you’re ever in Taos, New Mexico, this is very worth you while.

NICHOLAS SIRONKA  – Maasai / Kenyan artist (living in the United States)… Art so very different from my own, worthy of contemplation!



SUBSURFACE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. – Water well rehabilitation… Their patented process for cleaning wells is unparalleled.  It increases the flow and quality both. My former employer for eight years, I can say from firsthand experience that they perform miracles on a regular basis. Their primary work is is on big municipal wells, but for residential wells, they’re worth a call!

DOMES FOR THE WORLD – This is a charity for building shelters in developing nations. Using the oddly simple technique of concrete dome manufacturing developed by MONOLITHIC, they provide very sturdy and long-lasting dwellings for all peoples.

(Speaking of MONOLITHIC. they make a fantastic drip water filter for emergencies, at a very low price .)

DOG VISION – Y’ever wonder just what a dog sees? You can upload any jpeg photo here and view the “poochified” version in a few seconds!

NEW HORIZONS – I’ve been waiting 9-1/2 years for the Pluto Flyby! It will tale a few months for the spacecraft’s feeble signal to download the entire data set, then it’s off to the Kuiper Belt!

RAPPEL MAUI – Plan on visiting Maui? Zip lines are old hat! Try rappelling THROUGH a waterfall… A spectacular, glorious Maui waterfall in a jungle canyon.. Better yet, two of them!Instructed by world-class canyoneers, climbers, and search-and-rescue personnel, it’s safe, exhilarating, and unique… A sensory overload!

SALEM STATE UNIVERSITY (GEOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT) – My old alma mater (Salem State College while I attended). If you’re in the northeast, this is really THE place to study cartography (mapmaking).