PAINTING – Is Yours A World Of Water or A World Without ?

Here in southwestern Utah water is always an issue… More-so right now than usual. We depend very much on the springtime snow-melt from the nearby mountains, and our water table is quite low right now due to all the water used for fighting the big Brian Head Fire this past June. We haven’t had a flake of snow yet this year, nor have even the tallest mountains in the region., and people here are becoming quite concerned, if not downright worried.

Last month I mentioned that I painted an abstract piece resembling “the surface of Pluto”. Well, it’s seeming to me, more and more, to be resembling the sun-dried mud of an arid desert, chipped and parched. The title is simply “Surface”.



































Meanwhile, the boggy bogs of coastal Louisiana, a place that’s mostly water, have been calling – For painting, that is! Actually, a friend of mine who’s originally from Louisiana (and who commissioned me to paint the state a few months ago)





asked me to paint a bigger piece for him, focusing on the

interplay between the Gulf of Mexico and coastal land.

“Louisiana III” is the result. As per his request, some areas of very high paint relief / texture are incorporated into the work, but in a twist of artistic irony I had the rough areas limited to the normally tranquil water of Calcasieu Lake, the shape of which I repeated eleven times.









Waves and currents in The Gulf followed, and Louisiana’s state flower, the magnolia, seemed to be an obvious central shape.



















I don’t know if these photos show the additional “implied depth” of the Gulf waters but, as is becoming my standard method, different lighting and viewing angles create a sense of rolling serf and active swells.

I’m toying with ideas for painting The Great Lakes next… Water Water Everywhere !