Here is some “Gunks Art”. I painted these top four this past week. Click on an image to see a better picture, and click on THAT if you want to see the full-rez (and downloadable) version.

12″x16″ in a black 1.5″-deep “floater frame”



























8″x24″, 3/4″ deep, unframed






12″x12″ in 1.5″-deep “floater frame”


Here are a couple of older ones, not quite as focused on materials or technique.

mountain scene alpinism expedition sunrise art painting jfwoa

“The View From The Bivy”, 16″x8 canvas panel

Shawangunk Gnks winter ice art painting jfwoa

“If Only The Gunks Were In Wyoming”, 12″x12″, 3/4″ deep, unframed

Skylakes II (alt. view)

Skylakes 2.0


“Skylakes 2.0”

Aerial views of Lakes Mohonk, Minnewaska, Maratanza, and Awosting,

all at nearly the same scale.

Multipanel piece:

Mohonk – 8″x8″, 2.5″deep; Awosting – 8″x11″ and 9″x11″, 1.5″ deep; ‘Waska and Maratanza – 8″x8″, 3/4″ deep.

(I gave this one to Chris and his wife for their anniversary.)