Heartland USA art map painting jfwoa

This is a two-panel piece highlighting the intriguing shape of the U.S.A.’s landlocked states (touching neither coast and neither border), with “the rust belt” symbolically reddish.
The organic shapes vibrantly coloring both the interior and exterior of the “state block” is countered by the shadowy iridescent lattice of rigid strictly horizontal and vertical lines in the interior, only visible when illuminated from certain angles (see “Alternate Views” gallery), symbolic of the varied land area’s political cohesion. The color fades of each panel are inverted and reversed, while the texturing is nearly mirrored and nearly balanced – Commonality is found in the Great Plains / Mississippi Basin area.
(Push-pin shadows visible in photo)


(Print available at ArtPal.com/jfwoa .)

24″ x 12″ (two 12″ x 12″ panels)¬†acrylic on canvas panel