Ile Saint Paul, French Southern And Antarctic Lands, Indian Ocean, map art painting jfwoa

An exceedingly remote island in the Indian Ocean (together with Ile Amsterdam just 80km away), this French possession (part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands), Ile St. Paul is only 5km at its widest. The tip of a submerged volcano, the tiny island is dominated by its caldera, forming a natural harbor. Intermittently populated by whalers and fishermen in the past (sometimes unintentionally), the island is now a nature preserve.


Shown here tripled on a black background, ocean currents seem to glow, and the piece is vaguely reminiscent of a “Yes” album cover. Prints are available at .

Painted using drybrush technique exclusively.

18″x18″ acrylic on stretched canvas (3/4″ spreader bars)

in 1.5″-deep , ¬†blck “floater frame”