Molokai, Hawaii, map art, acrylic painting, Paific Ocean, Joey Favino, jfwoa,

Located between Maui and Oahu, Molokai is the least-populated of the main Hawaiian islands. Relatively undeveloped, the folks on the island seem to know everyone else there, so unless you have business there or know someone there, it’s probably not worth your while to explore: It’s just not set up for tourists. Still, between the very warm and friendly people, and the pristine beauty there, Molokai is a true gem.

For this painting, the area surrounding the island was painted with forms hinting at both rays of light and waves rolling and breaking.
The striking result is apparent when the piece is lit from different angles.

Acrylic on stretched canvas
24″x10″, 1.5″ deep (“gallery wrap”)

$ 150