Olympic Peninsula, Seattle, Olympic National Park, Washington State, seattle, vancouver, oregon, british columbia, pacific coast, acrylic painting joey favino, jfwoa

“Sans Vancouver”

The coastlines of Oregon, Washington, and southern British Columbia are shown here, four times over, folded and reversed, creating a shape reminiscent of both a butterfly and a flower. ┬áThe vibrant, organic shape stands in contrast to the varying grays around it, hinting at the regions typically-overcast skies. The shape of the Olympic Peninsula, as well as the locations of prominent volcanoes (represented by bright orange dots), are prominent, while Vancouver Island is noticeably absent (“artistic licence”…).

The 1.5″-deep canvas is set in a 1.5″-deep “floater frame” for a unique “almost sculptural” effect.





18″x24″, 1.5″-deep stretched canvas

mounted in a 1.5″-deep Douglas Fir “floater frame”




Sans Vancouver