Sevier Lake Utah USA United States desert great basin acrylic painting jfwoa Joey Favino

Sevier Lake (pronounced “severe”) is a big “dry lake” in central Utah, typically having no water at all and being a expanse of very salty mud. The harshness of The Great Basin ensured that it was the last major geographic region in sub-arctic North America to be entered and explored. The first historical sighting of Sevier Lake didn’t occur until  the 1776 (!) Dominguez-Escalante expidition!

It has a very interesting shape, both unique and nondescript at the same time, and lends itself to a simple and deliberate composition. By using various “interference paints” in varying ways, many of the colors shift as lighting and viewing angle shift. By placing the thick “gallery wrap” canvas in a “floater frame” designed for thinner pieces,an almost-sculptural effect has been achieved, a tribute to the “not-quite-right” geography of the lake and its surroundings.

acrylic on stretched canvas


1.5′-deep “gallery wrap” framed in 1.5″-deep pine “floater frame”